Vielight 810 Infrared - Intranasal light for Brain Photobiomodulation
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Vielight 810 Infrared - Intranasal light for Brain Photobiomodulation

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The Vielight 810 is a non-laser intranasal light therapy device that has been made specifically for gentle brain stimulation. This device complements the systemic effects of the Vielight 633 and 655.

The 810nm near infrared wavelength enables photonic transmission past the intranasal channel to the deep ventral brain areas. When QEEG images have been taken they show the Vielight 810 inducing restorative activity in the brain with every 25-minute session.

The nose is a gateway for near infrared (NIR) 810nm light energy to reach the ventral area (underside) of the brain which would otherwise be inaccessible. The regions of the brain that is on the underside of the brain has many important roles in emotional responses, decision making, and self-control. Additionally, the nasal (olfactory) area is directly connected to the memory processing (hippocampus, entorhinal cortex), emotions management area (amygdala) and allows access to other areas of the brain (thalamus).

This device can be used in combination with the Vielight 633.


The Vielight 810 Infrared emits an infrared light with an 810 nm wavelength. This device enables photons to reach the brain’s important ventral areas. Engineered to pulse at 10 Hz 50% duty cycle, this frequency is associated with the brain in the alpha state - alertness and concentration yet also relaxing.

In a study conducted by the University of Texas, near infrared energy stimulation produces beneficial effects on frontal cortex functions such as sustained attention, working memory, and affective state. This state also helps to release the calming chemical seratonin, which helps alleviate sleep disorders.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty

Note for users

– Near-infrared photons are nearly invisible to the naked eye, making the beam appear much dimmer than it actually is. Additionally, the beam is pulsed at 10 Hz.
– Sleepiness is a common side effect of using this device due to the pulse rate correlating with alpha brain waves and neuronal stimulation.