Vielight 655 Prime | Intranasal Laser Therapy for Immune Photobiomodulation
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Vielight 655 Prime | Intranasal Laser Therapy for Immune Photobiomodulation

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The Vielight 655 is a laser intranasal photobiomodulation (light therapy) device that has been made specifically for system and immune health. The laser targets the nasal cavity, which is rich in blood capillaries. 

This device complements the systemic effects of the Vielight 633 and 655.

This is the laser equivalent of the 633 Red device, penetrates deeper into the body.

This device utilizes a low level (or “cold”) laser diode to release coherent light in the visible red spectrum (655 nm). The energy generated by this version is lower than the 633 Red resulting in a more power-efficient design.


The Vielight 655 emits low level laser light with a 655 nm wavelength. The light pulses continuously with a power density of 5 mw/cm2. The device parameters have been derived from researching clinical studies on low level light therapy over the last few decades. Although many researchers now believe that the outcomes between low level laser and the non-laser light emitting diodes (LED) to be similar, the laser light should penetrate deeper into the tissues.

As a safety measure, please do not look into the laser light source.

Each session is auto-timed to last 20 minutes, at which point the device switches off.

Our intranasal devices combine solid state technology along with intranasal diodes built from transparent high impact polycarbonate to ensure quality and durability, turning this into a lifetime investment.

This device can be used in combination with the Vielight 810.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty